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Best Decorating A Basement On A Budget

Repurpose old furniture instead of buying new.

Gardener and designer Barbara Purdy transformed a wood-burning fireplace to gas to make a cosy focus in this room. I couldn't see myself hauling logs down the stairs, she states. Radiant heating installed under the wood-look porcelain-tile flooring adds even more warmth. The couch, a hand-me-down from her parents, was regained and layered with pillows. Tour this basement on Online TV, plus find more inspiration in our photograph galleries of Barbara Purdy Designs, Budget Basement Decorating Tips and Suzanne Dimma's Favourite Dreamy Retreats, Check here Remodelling Basement in Toronto.

Playful Home Office - Embrace brick walls instead of drywalling over them.

A red accent wall adds the look of depth to the room and feels bold and cheerful in contrast to the basement's simple black and white plot. The gallery wall features original drawings from designer Theresa Casey and her husband, Robert Gray.

Work with existing plumbing.

Putting this shower beside the plumbing shaft made room for a freestanding sink at the little bathroom. New plumbing was inserted in the laundry area, and the HVAC ducts were raised into the ceiling joists to permit for as much headroom as possible.

Craft Area-Plan for multiuse corners to maximize performance in a small basement.

This laundry area doubles as a storage room, craft area and wrapping centre. Cabinetry constructed along the wall opposite the appliances retains lightbulbs, batteries, additional garbage bags and other household supplies. A pegboard equipped with hanging containers and small rods keeps craft and wrap materials organized while an adjoining corkboard exhibits inspirational photographs for craft and reno projects. Open shelves have been placed high on the walls to add storage space without creating the small room feel closed ; bins and baskets are used here in order to keep modest things corralled.

Modern Laundry Room

Consider seat pinning as a cheaper option to digging a basement. The laundry area of the renovated basement was designed to be bright and clean with lots of storage. Straightforward cabinets and drawers maintain everything from linens to sports gear organized and out of sight. A farmhouse sink and industrial style faucet and art lined across the countertop make the decoration more worthy of a main-floor room than a basement for chores. Accessories like fitting canisters and a dark tray finish off the look.

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